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You probably already know that coffee is a popular beverage at work. Few desks are found free of the daily mug or paper cup from the local coffee shop. A survey from Packaged Facts demonstrates the importance of coffee to most employees. Those surveyed indicated that coffee ranks a 3.9 out of 5 as a positive influence on their daily productivity. This indicates that providing your employees with coffee not only makes them happy, it makes them more productive as well.

Since coffee is so popular in the office, providing high quality coffee to employees is a great way to show them your appreciation and increase morale. Not just any coffee will do, however. Supplying an industrial size can of generic coffee can send the signal that they are not worth very much to you. On the other hand, a single serving brewer with K-cups that allows each person to select their favorite gourmet coffee lets them know that they are important and worth offering the best to.

Coffee in the office increases productivity by the jolt of energy that it provides and by making trips to the local coffee shop unnecessary. If your employees can get a delicious cup of coffee for free just down the hall, they are unlikely to take 15 minutes to step out and buy one themselves. This can add up to thousands of dollars of savings over the course of a year because employees are spending more time at their desk.

Don’t forget to show love to those who don’t drink coffee, too! Gatorade, juice, and bottled water can be stocked so that each person has their beverage of choice. Keeping them all on hand is easy with Hav-a-Cup delivery service. Contact us today to stock up on your employees’ favorite beverages.

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