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You know that frustration of getting home from the grocery store and realizing that you’ve forgotten something? That feeling is even worse when it’s your office breakroom that is missing something and you have dozens of disappointed employees wondering when supplies will be replenished. Some breakroom supplies are easy to remember. After all, you probably won’t forget to order the coffee. Others are easier to overlook, though they are no less essential to office harmony.

At Hav-a-Cup, we are breakroom experts and can deliver everything you need to keep things running smoothly with a smile on everyone’s face. Here are some of the items that we get “deliver asap” orders for because they have been forgotten.

  • Creamer – We stock a wide variety of both powder and liquid dairy creamers.
  • Snacks – Employees can’t be productive when they’re hungry. We provide crackers, granola bars, and popcorn for your breakroom.
  • Sweeteners – Have everyone’s preferred sweetener with sugar and sweetener packets available in several varieties.
  • Condiments – Often overlooked until they are wanted: mayo, mustard, ketchup, salt, and pepper. Each in convenient single serving packages.

Each of these items can be added to your regular Hav-a-Cup order here. We recommend that you take a quick inventory of your breakroom at least once a month to restock items that are infrequently ordered. Avoid running out completely with this easy step and Hav-a-Cup deliveries that bring your necessary breakroom supplies straight to your door.

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