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The benefits of drinking water are well known. From the anti-aging aspects to the weight control benefits, water is almost a wonder drug that most people don’t bother taking. Make drinking enough water a little more palatable, and even healthier, by adding your favorite fruit and creating delicious fruit infused water. Try some of these fun combinations and find an infused water recipe that you love.

Grape & Orange: Grapes are packed with vitamins C & K and beneficial antioxidants. Citrus fruits like oranges contain vitamin C, flavonoids, and thiamin, as well as packing a big flavor punch.

Cucumber & Lime: Cucumber adds a refreshing flavor along with superfood qualities that include B & C vitamins, cancer fighting lignans, and several minerals. Limes add a tangy summer flavor with vitamin C, limonoid, and antioxidants.

Lemon & Orange: These flavorful citrus fruits combine for a powerful punch of vitamin C and antioxidants with a delicious flavor.

Apple & Cinnamon: If you are looking for a fall flavor, apple and cinnamon combine for a delicious taste and the health benefits of the flavonoids, quercetin, and vitamins that are found in apples.

Pineapple & Mint: As if tropical flavor wasn’t enough, pineapples contain vitamin A and C, fiber, potassium, phosphorous and calcium. Add a dash of mint for a little something special.

Watermelon & Basil: Vitamins C & A are abundant in watermelon, which adds a refreshing summer flavor to your water. Add some basil for an extra kick.

These combinations can get you started, and then you can play around with recipes of your own.

Get hydrated, feel great, and even reduce the appearance of wrinkles when you enjoy your favorite infused water recipe. It is easy to do, even at work. Simply place your fruit in a refillable jug that you can keep full at the office water cooler.

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