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Brewing Station is, but not too many.  This is for that group of coffee consumers. The Keurig Brewer for office use was introduced in 1998, followed by the Keurig for home use just six years later.  The design was created to avoid anyone having to drink the “sludge” from the bottom of the coffee pot that was probably brewed hours ago.  There are actually some people out there who don’t know what a Keurig Coffee So much wasted coffee got the inventor thinking there had to be a better way and there was!

The individual selections packaged in small “K-cups”, allows a whole office full of workers to drink their personal favorite tea or coffee.  Many options are available in regular or decaffeinated.  The quick and easy brewing lets you start off your day with coffee and move onto tea, hot chocolate or another beverage during the day.  You are not stuck with one particular drink all day long and one that everyone else is imbibing too.  No one has to “compromise” because someone made a pot of “decaf” and that’s what is available until it’s empty and another pot of coffee can be made.

We offer over 50 different selections of hot beverages that include tea, coffee, hot cocoa and more.  Our variety is sure to make your whole office happy and happy workers make happy bosses!

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