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Employers often get so caught up in providing their employees with adequate pay, benefits, and other big perks that they forget about the little things. While every employee loves a raise and needs health insurance, you may be surprised by the difference that you can make with very little effect on your budget.

A well stocked breakroom has several benefits to you and your employees. Having coffee, tea, water, and snacks provided throughout the day gives employees a feeling of importance. The fact that you thought of them and their comfort makes them feel special. That these items are provided free of charge is a little benefit with big impact. Every day when they grab their favorite cup of coffee, they are reminded that you happily supplied it for them.

You can see the difference in overall happiness and morale when you take advantage of a free trial with Hav-a-Cup. We are so sure that you will love our coffee equipment and convenient delivery service that we will let you try it for free!

Receive a supply of coffee and a sleek commercial coffee maker and watch the smiles that appear. Once you have tried Hav-a-Cup’s service, you will never want to go back to coffee shop runs and grocery store lines. Save time and money by letting us bring everything you need straight to you. Simply fill out our intuitive online order form or give us a call to have your breakroom fully stocked.

Happy employees are productive employees. Make a difference in your office with Hav-a-Cup.


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