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Some employers are surprised to learn that the weekly paycheck is just one of the elements that motivates employees to perform well and be happy to be at work. Regardless of how much someone is making, a poor working environment can create a dismal atmosphere with low productivity that drives away your best employees. For happier employees, create a better work environment.

Show Appreciation

Make an effort to know who is accomplishing what, and, by all means, know everybody’s name. While financial rewards are great, it is sometimes a simple “Thank you,” or “We couldn’t have done it without you,” that really makes someone’s day.

Give Employees a Voice

Depending upon the size of your company, employees at the bottom rung of the ladder can wind up feeling like they are unimportant. Sometimes, these are the very people who come up with innovative ways to improve the details of your business that they handle each day. Develop a chain of communication that gives all employees a chance to share their input, even if it is to complain about their boss. They will feel valued and you may be surprised at some of the things you learn.

Have Some Fun

Plan a company picnic, beach day, or bowling league. There is something to the old adage that those who play together stay together. You can hone a family feeling within your business that is more than the relationship between average coworkers when you take the time to have some fun together. It can be as simple as a cake on employee birthdays or a 15 minute stretch break of the first warm day of spring. Make their day about more than simply getting their job done so they can go home.

Hold Effective Evaluations

Employee evaluations should not be an annual necessity that everyone dreads. Be sure to give out as much praise as possible, as well as asking each employee for their own feedback. More effective evaluations will include opportunities for communication on performance from peers and subordinates, not just from the top down.

Create a Positive Atmosphere

Give employees a pleasant place to work in by investing in quality lighting, furniture, and décor. A clean, temperature controlled office is a good start toward motivating employees. Pamper them with some simple luxuries like a well-stocked break room. Hot coffee and free snacks provided by your local coffee service are an inexpensive and easy way to increase employee moral.

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