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Here’s a day that we can all celebrate. National Doughnut Day is informally the first Friday in June and has been celebrated since 1938. National Doughnut Day was created to honor World War I veterans and the Salvation Army volunteers that had served them. Why doughnuts? During World War I, the Salvation Army served doughnuts to soldiers in an effort to encourage and cheer them. Men of the American infantry were given the name “doughboys” when they cooked their Salvation Army doughnuts in oil warmed within their standard issue metal helmets. Decades later, this practice was turned into National Doughnut Day, which was originally a fundraising effort to help the poor through the years of the Great Depression.

When you pick up your celebratory doughnuts, don’t forget to pair it with delicious gourmet coffee. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even try the old fashioned Salvation Army doughnut recipe, found here. A Doughnut Day celebration in the office is the perfect way to boost morale and get employees ready for the upcoming weekend. With a wide variety of coffee and beverages from Hav-a-Cup, you have everything you need for an impromptu doughnut and coffee party.

Hav-a-Cup is happy to provide all of your beverage and breakroom supply needs with fast, convenient delivery service in the Hickory, Ashville, Winston-Salem, and Charlotte areas. Save time and encourage productivity with a well-stocked breakroom with Hav-a-Cup.

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