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There are still old diehards who prefer their coffee “unblemished”. They like it dark and bold with no additives whatsoever. No sugar. No cream. It is very difficult to get them to try a flavored coffee. Just making the suggestion makes them look at you as if you were from Mars. They consider coffee flavorings an “abomination”. So what happens when you get one of these people to try hazelnut flavored coffee? Ah, their faces betray them as they try to disguise the smile that slowly creeps up.

It’s no wonder that Hazelnut Coffee is the top choice of flavored coffees. It blends so well with coffee beans and the aroma is divine. Hazelnuts or Filberts, as they are sometimes called, are grown in several countries and the United States is the third largest grower, thanks to Oregon and Washington State. They can be eaten raw or roasted or made into a spread. Hazelnut coffee tastes great either black or light and has the richness of the toasted nuts. The hazelnut flavor also goes well with chocolate. People have been enjoying flavored coffees for hundreds of years and have embraced “the wave” of varieties for the last few decades.


Hav-A-Cup coffee offers Hazelnut Flavored Coffee in regular or decaffeinated. You can purchase it ground, whole bean or in K-cups. Their premium coffee choices will leave you a little dizzy making the decision, but well worth it. This 35 year-old company knows how to do it right. Their dedicated staff will help you choose a beverage system to fit your needs whether big or small. They also offer other assorted beverages, breakroom supplies, condiments and snacks. With a biweekly visit they will clean and maintain your station and restock your favorites. Serving the Charlotte, Asheville, and Hickory and Winston-Salem areas for decades, you can see why their convenient online ordering and delivery is top-notch. Call today and start your love affair with Hazelnut Flavored Coffee or simply give in to the already present “crush”!

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