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Employee morale is one of the most important things a manager has to manage, and that’s true of any office or business. A water cooler is a great way to improve office morale.

Three models are available – cook, cool, and hot water coolers. Each come in 5-gallon units.

The “cook” water cooler is a water cooler that administers water at room temperature. This is a popular option because the water can be used for cooking. That may or may not be a value for you, but room temperature water is healthier for most environments because water is important for regulating body temperature.

If your work environment is conducive to heavy sweating and high heat, such as can be found in many industrial sectors, then a cold water cooler might be better for your employees. They will enjoy taking a sip of cold water to cool the palate and refresh themselves after a while at your heavy machinery and in the hot sweatbox of your work space.

Hot water coolers can also provide a benefit. If you have employees that make their lunches in your office or heat up food in the office kitchen, then hot water is a step closer to the end goal. They won’t have to stand over a pot of water attempting to boil, which can seem like an eternity. It saves time, and it’s a healthy alternative to tap water as well.

Get Your Cook, Cool, or Hot Water Cooler Now

Water coolers improve office morale because employees need to be refreshed. They won’t have to come to work with a canteen over their shoulder or bring the water from home, which can be bothersome. They can cook with the water from the cooler, drink it to replenish themselves and hydrate, and they can enjoy a few minutes of respite before getting back to work.

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