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Sipping your steaming hot cup of coffee in the morning is quite a pick me up to start your day. Whether you drink a cup or two or can empty a pot by lunchtime, we are habitual coffee drinkers who are loathe to go without it for even a day. Such a thought seems ludicrous as we watch others indulging in their favorite brew. How is it that our tea drinking ancestors turned us into coffee junkies? Who do we have to blame for the switch from the mild aroma wafting from a tea pot to the full-bodied scent of coffee beans brewing in our kitchens?

Drinking habits in the New World were largely based on water (there was plenty), tea (it was dwindling) and alcoholic beverages. The English colonists loved their tea and relied upon it so heavily that when King George III thought to thwart our dreams of freedom from England, and levied a heavy tax, even the most gentle of men were brought to anger. That cold Boston evening in December of 1773 forever changed the strong-willed immigrants to give up their beloved tea in order to make a point to the British government and king.


Literally overnight, the high taxed English tea was replaced by the harsher brew of coffee, and other plant-based elements such as acorns, grain and chicory, that was thought to resemble it. Today we can once again imbibe in our favorite beverage to our hearts content.


When looking for a brewing station for your office or work place, Hav-A-Cup Coffee has just what you need. Coffees, teas and other beverages, hot and cold, can be conveniently ordered and delivered quickly. With our variety of beverage systems, we offer bi-weekly maintenance calls to clean and restock. We service the areas of Asheville, Hickory, Charlotte and Winston-Salem. Place your coffee order online now and relive history – prior to 1773!

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