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Every morning, millions of Americans reach for that coffee pot, and whether out of habit or just sheer enjoyment, make a cup of coffee part of their daily activities, every day, for years. Coffee isn’t unhealthy in and of itself, but there are definitely things you can do if you’re concerned about making it healthier. And as a heavy coffee drinker, why not make your drink of choice as healthy as possible? Here are a couple simple ways you can make your morning coffee healthier.

  • One of the first things you can do to make your coffee just a little bit healthier is add some dark cocoa powder. Study after study has shown that dark, unsweetened chocolate is beneficial to your health, and can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol. Add a little dark cocoa powder every morning to make it happen – and besides, who doesn’t like a mocha flavoring? (Just avoid that whipped cream!).
  • Another simple way to make coffee healthier is by adding low fat or skim milk to your drink every morning. Instead of that high fat cream, substitute in low fat, low calorie skim milk instead. Other healthier options, if skim milk doesn’t appeal to you, include low fat soy and almond milk, too. There’s a bit of an adjustment period at the start, but you won’t be able to taste the difference over time and you’re sure to drop a few pounds making this simple change!
  • Kind of a unique way to make your coffee healthier is by adding in a little green tea. It sounds crazy, but green tea is extremely healthy and the two mix well together! Start by adding a tiny amount and testing your taste buds. Over time, you can gradually increase the ratio, and see the health benefits flow as the green tea promotes a healthy heart, low blood pressure, and more.
  • Another option to make your coffee much healthier is to start mixing caffeinated and decaffeinated coffees. Instead of just pumping your body full of caffeine, instead take on a little bit of moderation and mix together caffeinated and de-caffeinated drinks to taper down the amount of caffeine you consume. You can do it pretty easily while still enjoying the taste of your coffee and avoiding sacrificing taste for health!
  • Finally, and maybe the simplest way to make your coffee healthier, is to cut out some of those high calorie specialty drink! Resist the urge simply because of those high calorie counts, or because you’d also like to save a couple dollars avoiding some of the more expensive choices. Whatever the reason, though, do yourself a favor and cut out some of those high calorie drinks that are sure to cause weight gain.

At the end of the day, there are plenty of options when it comes to easily making those coffee drinks healthier. Whether you moderate your habits, or totally change your choices, you can do it easily, realistically, and while saving money. And the best part is, you’re sure to see the weight melt off if you stay committed!

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