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Everyone loves the convenience of Keurig machines because of the combination of taste and convenience, but how do you actually use the machines? It’s simple!

  1. As a first step, you should fill the coffee maker with water. It is a step which is very much similar to the way as to how you would be brewing coffee in the traditional way. Just mix a cup of water to the reservoir in the single serve coffee maker and presto you are done. You should also ensure that you have in the reservoir a minimum of one full cup of water i because it will be essential for you to make a minimum of one full cup of coffee.
  2. On having filled the machine with water, you are now ready to insert the K Cup. Open the lid and pop it into place.
  3. Place the coffee mug beneath the coffee maker. After that simply hit the start or “Brew” button and you will soon be able to drink a cup of your favorite coffee in no time at all. Once the coffee has stopped brewing you will soon have a full cup will little or no cleaning up work to do. Some machines require displosal of the K-Cup but larger machines will collect them for later disposal.

The whole process will take you a maximum of three or four minutes only to complete. Cheers!

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