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Coffee delivery services may seem costly. After all, it involves you paying a corporation to come in and provide coffee for your clients and employees while you could otherwise have your employees bring in their own coffee, and save the money to spend on something else, right? Well, it’s not that simple, and in fact, there are several ways that you are not only saving a significant amount of money and time on both employee productivity, and the bottom line, when you go with a coffee delivery service.

Employee Wellness Matters

Think about it; it’s critical that you make it so your employees are taken care of, valued, and treated well, and little things like coffee, tea, and water at the office improve their outlook on their job, their productivity for you, and at the end of the day, their overall health. Employee wellness is critical for productivity and more, and when you can get to the point where you provide them perks and benefits, you’re improving their wellness.

It’s a subtle change, and a long run investment, but it pays off in significant dividends over time, making your employees more productive, happier, and in turn, causing them to want to be motivated and healthy enough to work hard for you and your company in the long run.

No More Lateness

How many times have employees come in late, stressed out and angered because they sat in the Starbucks line for thirty minutes? Sure, ten minutes late isn’t the biggest deal in the world, and ten minutes can be made up over the day, but it becomes a nuisance and affects their work habits over time.

When you roll with Hav-A-Cup, you get Starbucks and a variety of other brands delivered and sent in to you, in the office, so your employees don’t have to sit back and wait, or worse, be late, for their coffee. Now, it’s on demand, on their time, and perfected to the point they need not worry about what may be coming their way, freeing them up to move through their day and get more work done that needs to be finished around the office.

An Investment In Your Staff

Finally, things like coffee delivery services are investments in your staff, and prove to your employees that you want them to do well, be healthy, be happy, and more. Sure, they aren’t the most expensive gifts (and that’s good!), but they prove you care, and show you are concerned with how your employees are, live, and relax in and around the office.

By investing in your staff like this, they feel more safe, secure, and at home with the company, and that can go a long way when it comes to providing them a sense of piece, security, and enjoyment with your business and office setting.

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