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Huntersville Water Filtration Unit

At Hav-A-Cup Coffee Service, we offer far more than just superior coffee and equipment tailored to your business needs. We are also your number one place to turn for a Huntersville water filtration unit when you want to make certain that you have plenty of good water around. We can even hook up a water filtration unit in Huntersville NC directly to your coffee or ice machine — so that fresh, cold-filtered water goes into every cup.

Why Our Huntersville Water Filtration System Is Right for You

When you choose Hav-A-Cup to provide a water filtration system in Huntersville NC, you get:

  • An unlimited, on-demand supply of clean, filtered hot or cold water
  • A high-capacity stainless steel cold water reservoir
  • A removable drip tray that makes clean-ups easy
  • Cooler functions with easy-to-manage digital controls
  • Space-saving countertop options

Having a Huntersville water filtration unit installed means never having to worry about water quality, no matter what’s in your cup. However, we don’t just pride ourselves on our water filter machine in Huntersville NC — we also take pride in our service.

We think you’ll find our Huntersville water filtration system from Hav-A-Cup unique because:

  • We are a family-owned, independent business with 40 years of experience in coffee and water delivery in the area
  • Friendly customer service representatives to answer your calls, regular delivery drivers and prompt, same-day repair services 
  • Bottled water services whenever you need something more than our Huntersville water filtration unit, including bottled water with your own branded label for special events and promotions

Call Us for a Huntersville Water Filtration Machine Today

If you need a Huntersville water filtration unit or just want to talk about your options for additional services like coffee, spring water delivery and more, call Hav-A-Cup at 800-323-1473 or reach us online through our chat function or contact form. 

We offer a full range of name brand coffees, equipment sales and rentals and more, and we’re excited to hear from you!

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