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Do you think that a Keurig brewer is not for you because you don’t drink much coffee? First of all, what?! You don’t drink coffee? Secondly, that’s alright, because you can do so much more than just coffee with your Keurig brewer and K-cups.

Since K-cups have exploded in popularity, Keurig has been working tirelessly to create a wide variety of foods and beverages that can be made with ease in their trademark brewers. They may have started with gourmet coffee (and you can still get plenty of that), but you can also make soup, cocktails, tea, and more with K-cups and a Keurig machine.

Tea enthusiasts will love the fact that you can make the perfect chai tea latte in a Keurig machine. You can also brew a cup of Snapple ice tea or your favorite flavor from Twinings, Lipton, or Bigelow. More brands and flavors are being added to Keurig’s repertoire each year.

Other beverages are also available in K-cups. Apple cider or hot cocoa are perfect for those cool fall mornings. Keurig has even created cocktail blends that can be brewed for a fun evening that you don’t have to go out for.

They are even moving beyond beverages. Soup that can be brewed in your Keurig hit stores this year and is just the latest in brilliant innovations for this machine that we have all fallen in love with.

Would you like to add a convenient Keurig brewer to your office or breakroom? Try one for free by contacting Hav-a-Cup today.

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