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Keurig has become a household name in coffee since the release of their innovative single serving coffee makers and patented K-cups. The ability to quickly brew a customized cup of coffee whenever you would like has ensured that Keurig machines and their competitors’ copycats are found in kitchens, breakrooms, and reception areas around the world.

This has led to millions of little plastic K-cups finding their way into landfills. Perhaps you have felt a twinge of guilt as you tossed your empty K-cup into the trash, but the aroma of that fresh, gourmet coffee quickly assuaged your conscience. The good news is that you can have your K-cup coffee and be kind to the environment at the same time.

K-cup components are recyclable. It takes only a few seconds to separate the components of a K-cup to place them into your recycling bin instead of the trash destined for the landfill. Keurig cups are created to be tiny brewing systems, so they include a paper filter within the plastic cup with an aluminum lid. Each of these substances is accepted at most recycling center, so your only work is to quickly pull them apart. Instead of K-cups filling landfills, they can be used to create new products.

As the popularity of K-cups has grown, so has concern about the waste they create. Hamburg, Germany recently became the first city to ban the single serve cups within local government offices due to worries over the amount of waste involved. If this is a concern in your office as well, get your recycling bin ready and set your mind at ease.

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