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If you use Hav-a-Cup, are you taking advantage of everything that we have to offer? For those of you considering Hav-a-Cup coffee service for the first time, you will love our comprehensive service offerings that will keep your breakroom stocked, your reception area welcoming, and your employees productive and content.

Of course, Hav-a-Cup is best known for our coffee service. Try it today with free coffee equipment for a limited time! Our selection of coffee, tea, and other beverages ensures that there is something for everyone in your office. A variety of available equipment includes a brewer that is just right for your crew.

We also offer bottled water and coolers. Provide water in your office or spread your company name locally by giving away bottles of water with your own label. Hav-a-Cup can provide you with tasty, pure water in whichever way works best for you.

No breakroom is complete without snacks, so Hav-a-Cup provides those as well. Complement that cup of your favorite coffee with crackers, granola bars, or popcorn. We can also deliver condiments, plastic tablewear, and paper products along with your coffee order.

Everything you need for a perfect cup of coffee is available through your Hav-a-Cup order. From disposable cups to creamer and sweetener, we have it all.

Don’t forget about those other easily overlooked breakroom supplies! Add trash bags, paper plates, stir sticks, and more from our simple to use online ordering form. What do you need from Hav-a-Cup today?

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