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You can continue enjoying your coffee as the temperatures soar when you know how to make the perfect cup of iced coffee. Save time and money making your own iced coffee and bypassing the expensive coffee shops. Just use these tips to make iced coffee that gives you your caffeine boost with cool, refreshing flavor that is ideal for summer.

Use coffee ice cubes. One of the top complaints from people who attempt to make iced coffee at home is that it is not strong enough. It takes a lot of ice to cool off hot brewed coffee, so use leftover coffee to make ice cubes that won’t water down your iced coffee.

Brew it extra strong. Another way to keep your coffee from tasting watered down or overwhelmed by creamer and sweeteners is to brew it extra strong for making iced coffee.

Try a cold brew. If you just don’t like the way your iced coffee comes out using ice and hot brewed coffee, try a cold brew. There are a wide variety of options of cold brews available, such as concentrated cold brews and French presses.

Choose top quality coffee beans. Start with the best beans for a great cup of iced coffee.

These tips might sound easy to use at home, but what about at work? If you have a breakroom well stocked by Hav-a-Cup, you already have your favorite coffees, creamers, and sweeteners on hand. Use some of your coffee to make ice cubes if you have a freezer or use standard ice with strong brewed coffee. You can make a great cup of iced coffee by pouring your favorite single serve brew over a cup of ice, even at work.

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