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Millennials are a generation that is leaving their mark on the world. This group of young adults are working hard to challenge any stereotype set against them and are not afraid to be adventurous. Even when it comes to coffee, they are establishing their own trends.

The first thing millennials have changed is what kind of coffee they consume. Sales of espresso and gourmet blends have skyrocketed as this generation hit adulthood. They are choosing quality first with Organic Fair Trade blends becoming highly sought after.

Uniqueness is a trait of millennials. It’s one of the factors that makes this generation so difficult to define. They do not want to be grouped together when it comes to coffee any more than anything else, so they have chosen single serve coffee making over drop brew by the pot in overwhelming numbers. Keurig owes a great amount of success to this generation that cherishes customization and tailored experiences.

Coffee shops with wide varieties of specialty drinks have sprung up across the globe to cater to this group that has encouraged us all to experiment a little bit with our favorite beverage. At work coffee service is a beloved job benefit of this generation. They love being able to enjoy top quality coffee at work without the cost or time lost to go out and get it.

Hav-a-Cup is glad to serve hard working millennials and all of our clients that appreciate great coffee.


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