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Hate waiting for your coffee to cool to just the right temperature to take that first sip without burning your lips? The only thing that is worse is getting down to the bottom of the mug and being rewarded with a cool, bitter drink. Starbucks has created a solution for both problems . . . . but it will cost you.

Starbucks stores have begun selling the Ember mug, and it includes more technology than you have ever seen in a coffee cup before. A complex series of sensors and heat rings throughout the mug enables it to maintain the precise temperature that you set for your beverage from start to finish. Each drink of your coffee can be the exact temperature that you prefer.

How much will it cost to obtain your very own Ember mug? $150. Each. That’s not for a family four-pack or even a pair. $150 each to enjoy an entire cup of coffee with each sip the perfect temperature.

Clearly, some Starbucks customers have been willing to pay that price. Millions of dollars and six years have gone into its development, and Starbucks does not seem to doubt their chances of earning a profit. They have recently begun selling them at select Starbucks stores, so we will soon see if they are correct.

Would you pay $150 for Starbuck’s Ember mug?

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