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September 29th is National Coffee Day. How will you celebrate?

Our coffee is well beloved on any day, but on September 29th we get a day to especially celebrate it. For centuries, coffee has been a beverage of choice. It became particularly popular in America after a certain tea dumping event. With British imported tea no longer an option, Americans were led into the arms of a new favorite and have never looked back.

Just because we all love coffee doesn’t mean that we enjoy it the same way. Hot or iced, sweetened or flavored, there are infinite options to make your mug of joe solely yours. Hav-a-Cup provides coffee service with a wide variety of coffee, creamer, sweetener, and syrup options, so that everyone in your office can enjoy their favorite style. Increased productivity and high office morale is the result.

Contact Hav-a-Cup to make National Coffee Day special in your office. We will supply you with everything you need to set up a gourmet coffee bar with everyone’s favorite ingredients. There is no better way to enjoy this day and let your employees know that they are appreciated.

Hav-a-Cup specializes in coffee and breakroom supply delivery service in the Carolinas. If you are in the Hickory, Winston-Salem, Charlotte, or Asheville areas, contact us to learn how you can enjoy your first delivery for free. Try our convenient online ordering system to get the best prices and prompt delivery on everything you need.

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