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With coffee shop and gourmet flavors enjoying increasing popularity, Celestial Seasonings has developed some new teas that will tempt your taste buds. Colorado based Celestial Seasonings is already well known for their teas, especially their extensive line of healthy herbal teas. Hoping to combine their respected name, health benefits of tea, and trendy flavors, Celestial Seasonings two new beverage lines: Celestial Lattes and Celestial Teahouse Chai Teas.

Celestial Lattes will be available in convenient ready to drink single servings and concentrate for making at home. Inspired by customized coffee house offerings, the flavors of Celestial Lattes new beverages include Dirty Chai, The Godfather, Mountain Chai, and Matcha Green. Dirty Chai and The Godfather combine chai tea, espresso, and other flavors. Mountain Chai is a spicy, rich chai tea, and Matcha Green is a gourmet blend green tea.

Celestial Teahouse Chai Teas strive to fill consumer demand for flavorful gourmet chai tea. Sold as convenient individual tea bags, the Teahouse Chai flavors are Dirty Chai, Coconut Thai Chai, Mountain Chai, and Decaf Mountain Chai. Choose fruity, spicy, or a surprise shot of espresso to give your chai tea wonderful aroma and unforgettable taste.

If you love tea, you will want to try the new Celestial Seasonings teas, designed to recreate your favorite coffee shop beverage.

Hav-a-Cup strives to provide all of the most popular coffee and tea products for your office break room and reception area. What do you think of the new Celestial Seasonings beverages? If you are anxious to give them a try, let us know.

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