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The innovative new Krea Necta is the ideal single serve coffee maker for your office or reception area. With state-of-the-art technology and a stunning modern design, the Krea Necta makes each cup of coffee to the highest standard of quality and consistency. The sleek chrome design is a welcome addition to any room’s décor.

The large, colorful display panel is an intuitive and user friendly interface that enables each person to define their perfect cup of coffee. It is served up hot in minimal time with the efficient Krea Necta. Ten direct select buttons make this unit a breeze to use for those who enjoy simplicity along with a great cup of coffee.

Since the Krea Necta is a plumbed in brewer, you will enjoy the convenience of continuous operation without the need to remember to refill the water. It is perfect for large offices or businesses that serve coffee to daily customers.

Krea Necta is the latest offering by Hav-a-Cup to its coffee supply delivery customers in the Charlotte, Winston-Salem, and Asheville areas. Providing high quality equipment and coffee making supplies to their clients is the top priority of Hav-a-Cup and it has made them a leader in their industry. The Krea Necta is just one example of the superior equipment and supplies offered with convenient delivery right to your door.

If you have considered breakroom supply delivery service, try Hav-a-Cup for free, and you will not be disappointed. Friendly customer service, top quality products, and efficient delivery service has made Hav-a-Cup the #1 choice for breakroom supply delivery in the Carolinas.

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