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Since 1969, Celestial Seasonings has been a leader in the specialty tea arena. Now they are giving their time tested products a great new look. Your favorite flavors are still available in Celestial Seasonings unparalleled blends and flavors, but you can look for them in updated packaging that reflects the Celestial Seasonings mission.

Celestial Seasonings has balanced their rich heritage and earth friendly objectives in their modern look that will appeal to loyal customers and contemporary new markets alike. The emphasis will remain on top quality, sustainable ingredients and unique blends for tea flavors that you will not find anywhere else. Packaging will also be biodegradable and recyclable to fit in with Celestial Seasonings’ well known belief in social responsibility.

The tea found inside the new packaging has not changed, and you will still see some familiar elements from your favorite Celestial Seasonings tea. For example, the beloved Sleepy Time Bear will be featured in new surroundings on the packaging of this classic Celestial Seasonings favorite.

New packaging is available now, so take a fresh look at your favorite Celestial Seasonings teas and maybe you will notice some new flavors to try.

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