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Coffee enthusiasts are not waning in their desire to make the perfect cup of coffee. The single-cup brewers are getting a new line from VE Global Solutions to the United States. The new Trophy system offers to serve more than 10 cups of coffee in plumbed-in or pour over styles. The system is made by SGL Group of Castelnuovo, Calcea, Italy and is a stylish addition to any kitchen in the home or workplace. When making single cups for a large family or even a larger group of people at work, everyone seems to have a favorite brew. The Trophy system can accommodate RealCup and K-Cup cartridges. This makes it an instant favorite to many who are looking for a brewer that can accept both cups.


The smaller style is perfect for ten or more people to use with a 3.5 liter (or about 1 gallon) tank. Its programmable touchscreen uses interface and can be customized over a USB connection. It has a standard 17” clearance that can fit on countertops, yet under cabinets in the workroom or large home kitchen. Used capsules are ejected automatically making it easier for continued use and clean up.


The larger Trophy Plus, also has a soluble product dispenser. Since the coffee market’s growing desire for teas, flavored coffee and hot chocolate drinks, this extra option will fit the needs of a variety of hot beverage lovers. Both machines can also be used to make chilled drinks that are served over ice. The on-demand heating system “thermoblock” is energy saving technology at its best. The Trophy brewers can deliver water at a variety of temperatures with great efficiency.


Hav-a-Cup coffee service can offer you a variety of options for your coffee loving needs. This family run business has been in operation since 1980 and has a representative waiting to help you!

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