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Michigan is widely considered the craft beer capital of the world. What does that have to do with coffee? Well, those clever Michiganders have found a clever way to take beer brewing technology to create an interesting new coffee beverage that is creamy, foamy, and calorie free. If you have not heard of it yet, expect to see nitro coffee coming soon to a coffee shop near you.

Beer served ‘on nitro’ is dispensed from a keg through a tap, and it is carbonated with nitrogen and carbon dioxide. This method is similar to that used by brewers to give dark stout beers their thick, creamy consistency. Cold brewed coffee is kegged and tapped to create this unique, calorie free coffee that tastes as though it has been flavored with creamer.

Nitro coffee has all the health benefits of black coffee, such as increasing brain activity and decreasing risks of certain cancers, without the disadvantages of those additives we usually mix in to make it taste better.

If coffee shops in your area are not serving coffee nitro style yet, look for it in cans. Those beer brewers also know how to make their product mobile, and a few of the original nitro coffee creators are canning their product for distribution.

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