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Adding some fun to the workday is a great way to show your appreciation to your employees. Studies have proven that parties and recreational activities build morale, increase productivity, and improve company loyalty among employees. What could be more fun than a little friendly competition over coffee?

No, we do not mean a chugging contest that will leave everyone with upset stomachs and overdoses of caffeine. Instead, picture a wine tasting with coffee substituted for the alcohol that may not be the best choice for midday work hours.

Each person creates a pot of their favorite coffee, flavored with sweeteners, creamers, and whatever other additions they love. Then serve them in tiny taster cups, so that each person can have a sip of every coffee creation.

Use notecards for tasters to keep track of their favorite coffees and casting their vote at the end. A small prize, such as a trophy that is placed on the winner’s desk, will give the competitors something to look forward to. It will also be a discussion piece long after the competition is over.

This little competition takes just a small amount of time and resources while being fun for all involved. And who knows? You just might discover a new favorite coffee!

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