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Beverages are about more than quenching thirst, especially in the workplace. There is a reason why the water cooler has long been known as the office gathering spot.  Long despised by managers, water cooler discussions draw workers together, bonding them to each other over family struggles, shared sporting interests, and the latest office gossip.  Research is now showing that, as counter intuitive as it seems, taking breaks actually boosts productivity.

It is easy to understand how energy depletion leads to exhaustion when you are at the gym or in a labor-intensive profession.  However, mental tasks can be just as taxing and cause just as much exhaustion.  Over exertion at the gym can lead to injury.  Mental over exertion leads to decreases in the quality of the work.

Researchers now believe that the attention span of an average adult is about 90 minutes at the very most.  This means that in the average 8 hour work day, an employee would need to take 5-6 breaks, much more than the lunch break plus two short breaks most offices allow, and even those are often not taken advantage of by many workers.

Taking a break allows us to refocus on the task at hand and gives us down time to allow creative thoughts to bubble up.  Whether you are looking for a creative advertising layout or an out of the box solution to a billing problem, a break can be just what is needed.

This is why we at Charlotte coffee service provider Hav-A-Cup are so passionate about our work.  We understand that our coffee as well as our Charlotte water delivery service is about more than quenching thirst.  It is about providing that place for co-workers to congregate and discuss last night’s sporting scores, the shenanigans for the latest TV show, and ultimately provide a more focused, more productive work force.

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