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You’ve heard the old expression, “Loose lips sink ships.” Yeah, you’d better look out around your office water cooler. But there’s something else widely known for sinking ships. If you’re familiar with the Titanic, then you know it was sunk by a huge iceberg. A glacier is an iceberg that forms on land, so technically, it can’t sink a ship.

Forgive our play on words here, but we just wanted to introduce you to Glacier Water Systems, the perfect water source for your office break room.

What makes Glacier Water Systems so unique is its high quality design. It features a nice rounded cabinet and fluted front with a classic Greek column design. Easy to clean and refurbish, you’ll enjoy fitting your break room with this system because it will instantly improve your employee morale. The cabinet is made of polyethylene and contains a smooth finish.

Each unit features an evaporator band cooling system and maintains a long-lasting reliability. The polyethylene cabinet is durable and equipped with UV protection to prevent fading.

Other features include:

  • Removable cold water reservoir for easy sanitation
  • Patented DryGuard non-spill system
  • And noise dampering technology

You want your break room to be quiet so that employees on break can enjoy some solitude before going back to work. You also don’t want any noise from the break room spilling over into your work space, distracting your employees. So the noise dampering technology has been a welcome feature for businesses who have installed a Glacier Water System into their break room.

The most important feature of Glacier Water Systems is that the water is healthy and clean. You want your employees drinking clear water that is good for their bodies. Their water is filtered and perfect for any break room environment.

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