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Just in case you needed one more reason to provide Starbucks coffee to your employees, Starbucks has recently announced that their coffee shop prices will be increasing by approximately 1%. Though this may not seem like a large amounts, it makes each of Starbucks already high prices go up by around 5-20 cents each.

Not only will your employees save money by enjoying fresh Starbucks brew in the break room instead of purchasing it at the coffee shop, it will save time that they could be working or enjoying a more relaxing break. The drive to and from Starbucks is not the most relaxing way to spend a break time, so give your employees the freedom to stay put and share in some conversation instead.

Hav-a-Cup is happy to provide Starbucks brew for your break room at a fraction of the cost of heading to the coffee shop. Your employees will appreciate the time and money that they save when they can enjoy their favorite Starbucks flavors without the fuss. You will earn their loyalty as well as benefiting from increased productivity.

When you need Starbucks coffee in your office break room or reception area, simply call Hav-a-Cup or use our convenient online ordering system. Everything you need will be promptly delivered, so that you can enjoy a fully stocked break room without having to make a trip to the store.

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