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Ah, the office break room. That wonderful thing that seems like it hasn’t changed for fifty years, and it has that old sandwich that’s been floating around the refrigerator since at least the fourth of July. We all can relate.

There are ways to make your office break room more fun, believe it or not, and it’s even simple to do it and easy to make it happen on a budget, providing your employees with just the right diversions to allow them to take a break from work, but not too many goodies so they never want to head back to their desks.

A Ping Pong Table

No, seriously! Assuming you’ve got the room, of course, something simple and fun like a ping pong table can be a great break room option depending on your office culture and what you’ve got going on around there. You might be surprised, but it is perfect for your employees to truly take the focus off when they are in the break room, and not keep it on; putting in a ping pong table, or another light-hearted, simple diversion, can be all that they need to re-focus and get back to work!

Less Technology, Not More

Technology abounds at the office, and with smart phones, tablets, laptops, computers, and the all-powerful cloud, it can get a little overwhelming. So opt to keep it simple in your break room; no computers, no TVs, and no technology. The simpler it is, the more your employees can clear their head and allow them to re-focus on the things that matter. After all, the last thing you want to do in the break room is have a room full of employees who just can’t figure out what’s up, or how to get it done.

A Staff And Family Bulletin Board

Something fun like a staff and family bulletin board can improve and further help employees when it comes to making the entire situation feel like something of a family, and allow them to maintain and cultivate friendships amongst each other over time. Providing your employees something like a staff and family bulletin board allows just that to happen, and can often have a positive effect on your employees over time.

Our Services!

Last but not least, have you taken a look at our services lately? We provide coffee, tea, water, juice, and even a host of different food products that will have you begging for some, and providing a great opportunity for a wonderful break room and more for your employees and co-workers. It’s original, fun, cost-effective, high quality, and most importantly, it gets the job done when it comes to providing a great re-focusing time with refreshments for your co-workers to enjoy while they are in between responsibilities at the office.

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