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Are you looking for a great gift for the coffee lover in your life? Of course, we all love to receive coffee itself, but maybe you would like some more unique ideas to go along with their favorite brew. Here is our top three list of unique coffee gifts to give during the holidays this year.

3) Break Glass in Case of Emergency

This is a fun crafty gift. Place unground coffee beans in a shadow box and use paint or permanent markers to write ‘Break Glass in Case of Emergency’ on the front. Not a fan of your penmenship? Pick up some crafty stickers for spelling out your instructions. This makes cute wall décor that is appropriate for home or office.

2) Chocolate Covered Stir Spoons

Buy a set of inexpensive spoons or use plastic spoons for this project. Dip them in melted chocolate and sprinkle with flavored chips, sprinkles, or even crushed up candy canes. Once they have cooled, wrap them in plastic and tie with a bow for a sweet, simple gift.

1) Coffee Scented Candle

Not feeling crafty? Pick up a coffee scented candle so that the coffee lovers on your list can enjoy the rich fragrance of coffee whether or not they have a fresh pot brewing.

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