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Pineville Water Filtration Unit

Hav-A-Cup Coffee Service does more than supply superior coffee brewers and coffee for businesses throughout Central North Carolina. We also provide and service Pineville water filtration units that give our customers an unlimited supply of fresh drinking water. We can set up your water filtration unit in Pineville NC to use in your coffee brewers and ice makers.

Why Choose Hav-A-Cup for Your Pineville Water Filtration System and Other Water Needs?

When you choose Hav-A-Cup, you’ll get:

  • A high-capacity cold water reservoir made of stainless steel with a modern design
  • A one-piece tank that delivers hot water
  • Electronic controls that are easy to use
  • A removable, easy-to-clean drip tray
  • Your choice of a floor unit or space-saving countertop Pineville water filter machine

Besides our water filtration system in Pineville NC, we offer other options for fresh water. Our water coolers provide:

  • Pure water that comes from the springs at the peak of Western North Carolina’s Bald Mountain
  • Regular delivery and maintenance service by our friendly, professional Hav-A-Cup employees
  • A monthly rental option on some hot and cold water units


If you’d like a regular supply of some of the leading names in bottled spring water in addition to your Pineville water filtration unit (or instead of it), we offer bottled water delivery too. We even provide private labels with your brand that are great for conferences, special events and just to help get your name out to more people.

When you choose Hav-A-Cup for your Pineville water filtration system or other needs, you’re getting a local, family-owned business that’s been serving the area for 40 years. You’ll also get sales and service reps (and even drivers) who will be the people you’ll see or talk to about your Pineville water filtration units or other needs. You can find our equipment and products, including our water filter machines in Pineville-area breakrooms, waiting rooms and anywhere businesses want to provide clean, fresh water to employees and customers.

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To get a Pineville water filtration unit or any of our other products (or if you just have a question), call us at 800-323-1473 or use the handy contact form or live chat feature on our website. 

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