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Have you been considering coffee delivery service with Hav-a-Cup? We are happy to answer any questions you have about our products and services. This feature is designed to provide you with all the information you need on one of our most popular coffee equipment options, the Keurig Coffee Brewing Station B-3000.

Keurig has become a household – and office – name with its convenient k-cups that come in a wide variety of gourmet flavors. Everyone in the office can enjoy their favorite coffee, one fresh cup at a time, with the Keurig B-3000.

You will never again find yourself pouring half a pot of coffee down the drain at the end of a meeting or after it has gone cold in the morning. The Keurig enables each person to have a single hot, tasty mug of coffee within moments, right when they want it. Less waste, better coffee.

This specific model of coffee maker is ideal for offices with larger numbers of people using the breakroom. It is also perfect for reception areas. When you have 25 or more people regularly using your coffee making equipment, you need a machine that can handle that amount of traffic. The B-3000 can with ease.

This Keurig is connected directly to a water line, so there is no need to fill and refill the reservoir. It also automatically ejects used k-cups for disposal, so your breakroom or reception area is kept clean and welcoming. Keeping up with a crowd is no problem, since the B-3000 can brew back to back cups in 60 seconds each – all day if you need it to.

No waiting for coffee to brew. No cold, old coffee to warm up in the microwave. Just fresh, delicious coffee, whenever you want it.

Contact Hav-a-Cup today to try the Keurig B-3000 Coffee Brewing Station in your office.


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