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Have you been wondering whether it is worth the cost of coffee service to provide your customers, guests, and employees with free coffee? In short, the answer is yes. If you are looking for a more comprehensive argument, keep reading.

You would be amazed by the studies that demonstrate just how motivating it is to employees to receive little free perks at work. Coffee, purified water, snacks….having a breakroom stocked with the little items that they like to have day to day can mean more to people than that cost of living raise. Why? Because it is something that you don’t have to provide but you do anyway. Because it reminds them every couple of hours that you care about them. And, well, because it lets them know that you know they need little breaks throughout the day.

Not only does providing free gourmet coffee in the office increase employee morale, it does wonders for productivity as well. Think of the time that will no longer be lost to coffee shop runs. Your employees will be able to get their caffeine boost and be on top of their game without leaving and without having to spend their own hard earned cash. It’s a win-win.

Besides being great for employees, guests and customers love to be welcomed by a fresh cup of their favorite gourmet coffee. With single serve brewers and a wide variety of coffees available in k-cups and other small serving packaging, you can pamper prospective clients and let them know how much they mean to you.

Hav-a-Cup will get your office set up with the perfect coffee brewing equipment and supplies for your needs, and you can try it for free! Contact us today for your free consultation and delivery.

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