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Today, the coffee world in Asheville and most of the country seems to be dominated by coffee drinkers who pour in sweeteners transforming coffee drinks into cappuccinos, frappuccinos, and frothy lattes. But what about those rare individuals who take it black? What could be the possible rationale behind enjoying your coffee au natural?

You can actually taste it. Wait, if you have taste buds then you should be able to taste your coffee, right? Wrong. When you’re using all of those sugary, milky, frothy sweeteners, you’re missing out on the various notes that come from the actual coffee bean itself. Taking it black will let you taste the differences between your coffee choices and distinguish between the flavors.

It’s easy. Let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute, shall we?  If you’re making coffee at home, then chances are you’re looking for a coffee drink that you can make quickly and easily. Nothing is easier to make than black coffee.

It’s affordable. Need to save money when you brew your own? Then buy it black and SAVE big.

You can actually improve your health in a way that fluffy coffees cannot. When you drink black coffee, you won’t consume any calories or any sugar because black coffee is both calorie and sugar free. Studies have also shown that black coffee has stronger mental and physical energy properties and effects than coffee infused with sweeteners.

If you’re looking to try something new and expand your coffee horizons, head over to your favorite Asheville, NC store or office and pick up a cup of freshly brewed black coffee.

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