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It may seem counterintuitive to tell your employees to take a break in order to increase productivity, but research has demonstrated that this is exactly the case. Think of it as a similar phenomenon as the power nap. When you take 10-15 minutes to have a snack, relax, and recharge, you can attack the rest of the work day with renewed vigor and energy.

Not only can a short break ensure that employees are alert and functioning at the top of their game, gathering in the break room together has other incidental benefits. The conversation that takes place during breaks builds the team atmosphere of your office, even if the topic is not work related. Taking breaks together builds a sense of community, bonding employees together in common goals.

Part of the reason people enjoy sharing break time is the relaxing effect. Stress reduction is a significant benefit of employee breaks that has positive effects on physical and mental health. Extended periods of increased stress can lead to a long list of health problems, including depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, fatigue, headaches, and many more. Offering the opportunity to take one or two short breaks throughout the day seems like a small price to pay to avoid these issues in your workforce.

Best of all, when employees are healthy, alert, and happy, productivity will be optimized. Tell them to take a break and everyone benefits. It is a true win-win situation for company and employee.

Hav-a-Cup is proud to serve the Hickory, Charlotte, Asheville, and Winston-Salem regions with superior coffee delivery service. Your break room will be fully stocked at all times without any inconvenient trips to the store when you leave it to Hav-a-Cup, so you can take a break too.

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