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In response to concerns over the waste produced by beloved single serve coffee brewers, Marley Coffee has developed an innovative recyclable RealCup that is environmentally friendly and compatible with your favorite Keurig style brewer. This is good news for those of us who love our K-cups but want to be Earth friendly.

Marley hopes that the RealCups will replace some of the 11 billion K-cups that are thrown away each year. Instead of being thrown away, the new RealCups are 100% recyclable. The cups are expected to be available in a wide variety of coffee and tea flavors for single serve coffee brewers that have become popular in offices and reception areas.

The popular coffee company also hopes to introduce a line of specialty coffees before 2015 is out. If you are interested in learning more about recyclable and Earth friendly products for your office and breakroom, contact Hav-a-Cup. We are dedicated to providing office coffee delivery service that is convenient and time saving. Now we can also help you “go green.”

Hav-a-Cup proudly serves business clients in Winston-Salem, Asheville, Charlotte, and Hickory. Try our supply delivery service and you will be surprised how much time and money you save. You focus on your business and leave the coffee to us. Call today to learn how you can get your first delivery for free.

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