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Skinnygirl is introducing a new line of cocktail-inspired teas along with Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees. The Canadian specialty coffee company, Single Cup Coffee is excited to be partnered with Skinnygirl and its new offerings. These new coffees and teas are easy to use and compatible with the Keurig K-Cup 2.0 brewers. These new hot beverages give 2.0 brewer users even more choices.

The new teas from Skinnygirl are sure to appeal to a wide audience with its new varieties. From standards like Mojito Mint and Peach Bellina, they are joined by the unique White Cranberry Cosmo and Sangria Hibiscus. The taste buds are sure to be enticed, for regular tea lovers as well as those who enjoy the exotic cocktails. Combining the two is sure to be a novel idea that will catch on with consumers. Tea drinkers love new options in their favorite beverage line. Fruit flavors blend with teas so seamlessly they appear to be a natural combination for many. The cocktail-inspired additions are sure to be a new area in flavored tea.

Skinnygirl chief executive and entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel has designed the flavors of her favorite cocktails to be zero calorie teas. “There are no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners”. The brand is known for using premium ingredients and the new tea flavors will be offered this fall. Eagerness for the new single serve beverages among tea lovers is already building. Skinnygirl creates products that are no hassle, guilt free options to the food and beverages that consumers readily enjoy.

Single Cup Coffee president, Tim Cook, is excited to introduce these unique beverages to the single serve category that is growing in Canada and the United States as well as other countries. Single Cup Coffee provides single serving beverage makers and supplies.

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