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Keep your employees happy with snacks to power them up!

Hav-A-Cup offers breakfast and lunch snack items to keep everyone happy. If there is an item that you want but it’s not on the list, just ask – We’ll do our best to get it for you!


Powder Creamers

  • Cream Canisters  24/12oz
  • Creamer Packs  1000ct
  • Coffee-mate French Vanilla  12/15oz
  • Coffe-mate Hazelnut  12/15oz
  • Vending Creamer  8/1lb bags
  • French Vanilla Vending Creamer 6/2lb bags

Coffee-mate Liquid Creamers

  • Original 50ct, 180 ct, 360 ct, Bulk 3/1.5 gal, 1.5L Pumps (pre order only)
  • Chocolate Mocha 50ct
  • French Vanilla 50ct, 180 ct, Bulk 3/1.5 gal, 1.5L Pumps (pre order only)
  • Hazelnut 50ct, 180 ct
  • Peppermint Mocha 50ct
  • Vanilla Caramel 50ct
  • Half n Half 180ct 
  • Lance Crakers: Toasty, Toastchee 120ct (other varieties available on pre-order basis only)
  • Nature Valley: Oats & Honey 6/18ct (other varieties available on pre-order basis only)
  • ActII Popcorn: Butter, Light Butter 36ct
  • Vogel All in One Popcorn w/coconut oil 36/8oz packs
  • Equal  100ct, 500ct
  • Splenda  100ct Splenda  400ct
  • Sweet n Low  400ct
  • Yellow Sequelle  400ct, Canisters 24/14oz.
  • Pink Sequelle  400ct
  • Blue Sugar Substitute  6/2lb bags
  • Tea Sweetener  6/2.5lb bags
  • Vending Sugar  9/2lb bags
  • Sugar Canisters  24/20oz
  • Sugar Packs  2,000ct
  • Mayonaise pkts 9g/200ct
  • Mustard pkts 4.5g/200ct
  • Ketchup pkts 7g/200ct
  • Salt n Pepper Shakers 12/5.5oz
  • Condiment Kit: (2 pkts each salt, pepper, sugar, sugar substitute, 2 stirrers, 1 napkin)
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