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Building on the popularity of their single serve coffee brewers, Keurig is partnering with Campbell’s to create Fresh-Brewed Soup. Keurig’s innovative coffee brewing system has become a favorite in homes and offices, allowing each individual to choose their favorite fresh gourmet coffee. With hot coffee on demand instead of a cooling, stale pot, break room coffee can rival the neighborhood coffee shop. With this new partnership, Keurig is preparing to help you serve lunch too.

As an introduction, the Keurig Fresh-Brewed Soup will be available in two flavors: Homestyle and Southwest Style Chicken Noodle Soup. They can be made in any pod style Keurig in only two steps. Each soup is made of a noodle packet and a broth K-cup. Simply place the noodles in the bottom of your cup before the broth is brewed, and when it is done you have a hot, fresh cup of soup.

Keurig had previously expanded on their pod brewing system with teas and has cocktail mixes in the works. This is the first food that can be brewed with the Keurig system, demonstrating how diverse a Keurig can be. Both individuals and businesses have one more reason to have a convenient Keurig system on hand for employees and visitors to enjoy.

Interested in trying a Keurig system in your office or breakroom? Contact Hav-a-Cup today for a free trial of on demand gourmet coffee. Hav-a-Cup delivers coffee and breakroom supplies to your door to save you time and money. Call us today or place an order using our convenient online ordering system.

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