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So it’s spring time, and that can only mean one thing: spring cleaning! Not so fun, right? Well luckily, we’re not going to go off on a tangent about how you can spring clean your way to fun or good health; instead, we’re going to focus on what you can do around the office to “spring clean” your attitude and outlook, and make yourself more productive and more focused this year while shaking it up a bit!

After all, the holidays have come and gone, and you are likely still feeling groggy and amazed that it’s already March! And before you know it, summer will be bearing down on your with all of its intensity – and fun! So in the meantime, how can you possibly make it so that you get the most out of your spring time work in the office, and how could re-arranging and re-working your routine even help you in the first place?

Re-arrange the office

You’d be surprised what re-arranging the office can do for you, as it works on multiple levels to get you re-focused and re-energized. It will allow you to feel like you are working in a completely new setting, and in doing so, may even help you think and re-think ideas in a new and unique way without worrying about prior constraints!

Re-arrange your routine (if only for a week!)

If your work routine has been the same thing, over and over again, for months or years’ time, it may be time to rearrange it and renew your focus! Instead of going straight for the coffee when you get into work, start with water. Chat up your co-workers at different times throughout the day. Make it a goal to do something different every morning. Take a walking lunch break in the middle of the day. Whatever your routine change is, knowing that changing your routine can liven you up is half the battle – and it can do wonders for your outlook and more.

Write out your goals and dreams at work

Sounds corny, right? After all, this isn’t the New Year and it’s no time for a resolution at work today. But writing out your goals – even short term ones – can be huge when it comes to figuring out what you want to get out of work and what you want to get out of your life. It will allow you to re-focus yourself on what really matters, as well as giving you insight into what you need to concentrate on in the here and now, so you can avoid pitfalls and more that come with a variety of work-related issues as you start to lose focus.

Spring cleaning your work routine can do wonders to recharge your batteries, re-focus your endeavors, and liven you up in the office – and the good news is, it doesn’t cost any money and it doesn’t take much time! Consistency is great, but if you’ve hit a rut, it might be high time to totally change up your routine, so you can get the most out of the new you and see results at work to boot!

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