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Starbucks has recently taken steps to demonstrate that they not only make America’s favorite coffee, they care about the coffee farmers that make it possible. With millions of coffee trees across the globe infected with a fungus called coffee rust, Starbucks is giving back and lending a helping hand. Starting with a donation of one million coffee trees to affected areas, Starbucks will continue to give an additional tree for every bag of Starbucks coffee purchased in the US for the next year.

Starbucks purchases coffee from top quality farmers all over the world in order to ensure that their well-known coffee maintains its expected bold flavors. The farmers who depend upon Starbucks for their livelihood are learning just how much the coffee giant appreciates them with this campaign. Those who may have experienced hardship due to the coffee rust will now be able to replace the trees that have been lost.

Working with Sustainable Management Services, Starbucks is distributing rust resistant trees to assist the coffee farmers build a better future. This is not the first tree program that Starbucks has participated in for the benefit of their suppliers. Hundreds of thousands of coffee trees have been sent to farmers in countries all around the world.

Over $70 million has been invested by Starbucks in revitalization efforts, including the fungus resistant trees. Their objective is to increase farm sustainability, creating a reliable source of their top quality coffee and benefiting farmers who are able to build a better future for themselves.

Hav-a-Cup is proud to provide clients with Starbucks coffee in a variety of flavors. Add Starbucks to your next Hav-a-Cup order and enjoy knowing that a portion of the proceeds are going to help others.

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