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A class action suit has been filed against Starbucks, alleging that lattes are regularly filled to less than the advertised sizes. The suit details the experiences of two plaintiffs who documented beverages that contained as much as 25% less than claimed.

Starbucks controls and regulates the sizes of latte recipes for a consistent experience across their large variety of locations. Specialized pitchers are provided to each location with lines indicating how much milk and espresso should be included for different sized drinks. The problem? These recipes do not actually make enough to fill the corresponding cups, at least that is the claim made that Starbucks will be required to respond to.

Some cups may appear full due to a large amount of milk foam, a substance that the law suit insists should not be included in measuring the volume of a beverage. They argue that Starbucks is attempting to compensate for short drinks by filling cups with foam instead in order to reduce their costs.

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