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Staying productive in the cold, dreary months of winter can be a challenge. You can help everyone in your office continue meeting goals and exceling at their work with a few simple strategies.

Start an exciting new project. The season and weather will not matter if your team is energized by a new project that everyone can get behind. Brainstorming sessions can help you come up with inspiration if there is nothing new in the pipeline. You just might find that winter ends up being your most productive time.

Recognize their efforts. Winter is an ideal time to hold an event to demonstrate to your employees how much you appreciate them. Plan a dinner, activity, or get together that will appeal to your staff and have some fun together while you let them know that you notice those extra hours and great ideas.

Give back together. While not directly work related, participating in a charitable work project is a wonderful way to energize your workforce, increase unity, and help maintain productivity. Hold a fundraiser for a local charity, join a Habitat for Humanity build, or add your manpower to any relevant project that your employees would love to support.

Maintain a healthy office environment. Maybe it’s time for a ‘biggest loser’ competition or healthy eating challenge. Setting goals together will help the winter months fly by. Also, make sure that everyone is comfortable at work with regulated heat, potted plants for cleaner air, and humidifiers to fight dryness.

Hav-a-Cup will help you stay productive by delivering your favorite coffee and breakroom supplies directly to your door. How do you stay productive through the winter?

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