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Summer is finally approaching with promises of hot, sunny days that are ideal for the beach, family get-togethers, and just soaking up the sun. When these days arrive, nothing refreshes like ice cold beverages. Hav-a-Cup wants to help you have your breakroom ready with the drinks that your employees need to stay cool and energized through the summer months.

We know that you love our coffee, but did you know that Hav-a-Cup also has a wide selection of other beverages? Whether you prefer to brew iced tea, chug down a Gatorade, or simply enjoy a bottle of water, Hav-a-Cup has you covered. We even offer various flavors of Crystal Light and slushie mixes.

Keep your refrigerator full of soda favorites from Coke or Pepsi for long summer days at the office. The caffeine in soda can keep you energized throughout the day, even when it gets too warm for coffee. Consider Welch’s juice or Minute Maid lemonade for those who do not drink soda. With all the options available for delivery from Hav-a-Cup, you can keep everyone happy and hydrated throughout the season.

Hav-a-Cup delivers top quality breakroom supplies to the areas surrounding Charlotte, Winston Salem, Hickory, and Asheville. If you love having fully stocked breakroom but not the constant stops at the store to keep shelves full, contact Hav-a-Cup for simple online ordering and delivery of breakroom supplies to your door.

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