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It begins as the sun heats things up and people begin to head to the beach. Children are released from school, and it’s time for late nights and family vacations. There are people riding bikes and floating in boats, but it’s not summer until we drink lemonade.

Lemonade is an American icon for summertime. A picture in our mind of the perfect summer day is not complete without glasses of sweet, sunshine colored liquid rehydrating us in the heat. Children run to the house for a refreshing cup after working up a sweat playing outside, and adults relax on the back porch with a tall glass. A pitcher of cool liquid with condensation running down the side is enough to make us lick our lips in anticipation of the flavorful enjoyment it will bring.

Drinking lemonade not only refreshes, but it brings back memories. Close your eyes as you take a sip and let your imagination travel back to your own childhood. A smile will tip the corners of your mouth as you recall long walks, collecting fireflies, or swimming in the lake, each followed up by a glass or two of lemonade made by your mother or grandma.

By adding other fresh fruits to lemonade, it is possible to turn this summer staple into hundreds of refreshing variations. Of course, simple lemonade with a few slices of juicy lemon remains the favorite beverage of summertime. Lemonade is the perfect drink whether you are home with your family, entertaining a large crowd, and in the office! Who hasn’t enjoyed a summer evening gathered with friends, laughing and talking over cold glasses of lemonade?

For those days when you only need a cup or two, it is even possible to create a glass of lemonade with fresh-squeezed taste with the help of your Keurig machine. These single serve beverage makers are no longer strictly for coffee. K-cups are available for hot chocolate, tea, and even lemonade. Now you can simplify your summer by brewing a revitalizing cup of lemonade in moments. And summer can officially begin.

Ask your delivery driver about ordering Lemonade K-Cups!

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