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If you are on a quest to help save the Earth through recycling and repurposing, here are some surprising ways to use coffee grounds that you probably haven’t tried.

  1. Toss them on your fire.
    When you add your used coffee grounds to your fire, you create aromatherapy as the coffee scent mingles with the wood. It also makes cleanup easier, since the coffee grounds cut down on the amount of ash that flies into the air.
  2. Touch up your wood furniture and floors.
    Rub coffee grounds into the nicks and scratches in your dark woods for a quick and free touch up job. If you have unstained wood, you can even use the grounds to create a gorgeous, lightly stained look. The longer you leave the grounds on the wood, the darker your finish will become. Follow up with polyurethane for protection on your one-of-a-kind finish.
  3. Create your own air freshener.
    Coffee grounds are capable of absorbing odors, so use it to replace the box of baking soda at the back of your refrigerator. Place some in a small open bowl to maximize the odor absorption properties. For the lovely scent of a coffee air freshener anywhere, place coffee grounds in thin fabric satchels tied up with ribbon. Place them in areas of strong odors or wherever an air freshener is needed
  4. Make your own marinade or rub.
    The next time you are throwing steaks on the grill, consider using coffee grounds to experience a new flavor. Use grounds as a rub with your favorite spices or include them in your sauce for a tasty, caffeinated meal. Combinations and possibilities are almost endless for this unique method of reusing your coffee grounds.
  5. Use as an all-natural cleaning agent.
    The abrasive quality of coffee grounds can help you scrub your toughest grease or food buildup from pots and pans. It is also a great way to remove the built up grime from the tools in your garage – or your hands after working. The grounds absorb grease and create a scouring paste that is gentle enough for all of your dishes but tough enough to remove baked on food. As with the other fantastic uses, you also have the bonus of coffee aromatherapy while using coffee grounds to scrub your tools or dishes.
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