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You may have heard rumors claiming that we will run out of coffee or that the price is going to skyrocket. Perhaps you have even heard of the Sustainable Coffee Challenge or the goals that have been set toward it by specific coffee companies. If you have been wondering what this is all about, here are your answers.

The Sustainable Coffee Challenge was issued by Conservation International in conjunction with a large group of the worlds’ largest coffee companies. The concerns that led to this challenge include the narrow band of the world that has a climate for growing coffee, the treatment of coffee farmers, and the sustainability of growing methods. Striving to meet worldwide demand for coffee beans, many farmers were ravaging their lands for short term gain but putting their long term viability at risk.

With the joint action of organizations and companies involved in the Sustainable Coffee Challenge, the ongoing health of the coffee industry, from farmers and up through the chain until it reaches your counter, has been substantially improved. For example, Starbucks pledged to donate one disease resistant coffee tree for each bag of coffee that was sold within a specific time period. This successful campaign resulted in over 6 million trees helping coffee farmers in Mexico and other coffee growing areas.

Other coffee companies included in the challenge include Java Mountain, Keurig, and Allegro. By pledging to use only coffee that is grown and obtained through sustainable and ethical means, these companies are leading the way to making the coffee industry better for everyone involved.

By working together to create fair trade, fight coffee tree disease, and increase sustainability of coffee farming, these organizations are ensuring the future success of each person involved in the coffee industry from farmer to consumer. A quality product and fair trade makes everyone a winner.

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