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As the weather heats up it is the perfect time to cool down our coffee. Making iced coffee is simple and much less expensive to make on your own than to buy at the local coffee shop. These few tips can help you brew the perfect cup.

Cold brew coffee makes the best tasting iced coffee. This method takes a little bit of planning ahead to enjoy. A French press left to chill in the refrigerator overnight will provide you will a strong, flavorful cold coffee to wake up to on warm summer mornings. This brew method uses cold water and therefore takes longer to brew, but you do not have to worry about your ice cubes immediately melting and diluting your coffee.

Most coffee shops use the cold brew method to create their iced coffees because it provides great, consistent flavor. If you have not planned ahead the night before to steep your cold coffee, you can try an alternative method.

Iced coffee can also be made using the same method one uses to make iced tea. Simply brew your coffee and pour it over ice. Just like with tea, you will want to brew a stronger coffee for iced coffee since it will immediately be watered down by the ice.

Creating ice out of coffee or creamer will reduce the watering down and add great flavor to your iced coffee. These fun ice cubes can be used whether you have brewed a cold or hot coffee.

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